Trigger Points

Trigger points are hyper irritable spots within a taught bands of skeletal muscles and fascia. Often they refer pain away from the origin of the trigger but can be deactivated by applying pressure to the trigger for up to 60 seconds. In the pictures below, the triggers are identified with a blue X while the regions of related pain are highlighted in blue. This is a small selection of the common trigger points I deactivate as part of my treatments at Streatham Osteopaths and Crystal Palace Ostepaths.

You can treat some of these yourself using various forms of SMFR (self myofascial release) tools, but on the whole I would recommend booking a sports massage so that I can form an overview of your muscle tone and balance, locate your trigger points and deactivate them permanently.


Self Myofascial Release Tools

Self Myofascial Release Tools

One way to release your myofascia!

One way to ‘release’ your myofascia!

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