“I hired Paul as a personal trainer to improve my general fitness and develop an exercise regime that would prevent the recurrence of a persistent back injury. His approach bore results far beyond my expectations, radically improving my fitness and making my injury a thing of the past. In all my dealings with Paul he has always been extremely knowledgeable, thorough and conscientious.” – Alexis

“I hired Paul because I was looking to advance my workouts and I wasn’t disappointed. When it comes to fitness, Paul knew how far to push me in order for me to achieve my fitness goals and push me he did! He is honest, reliable and will ensure you get maximum results.” – Valerie

“Paul works well with others, keeps you highly motivated. Very knowledgeable and professional. If you’re looking for fitness results Paul’s your man.” – Beverley

“Paul is an outstanding therapist and personal trainer whose services I have used for several years. I have been lucky to have had the benefit of his expertise on numerous occasions for injuries sustained over the years as well as being my personal trainer.

Paul always demonstrates a professional approach, calmness and efficiency for every session, with an attitude of caring efficiency which has enabled me to benefit from his skills and advice. He has worked with me to achieve my personal training goals by being extremely strategic, realistic, fair yet challenging and highly skilled with his advice and training techniques.

I am always impressed with Paul’s level of knowledge on his industry and the advice and support he has given me over the years with my training and sports therapy has benefited my lifestyle enormously.
I would highly recommend Paul for his Sports Therapy as well as Personal Training and strongly believe he could only bring positive rewards to an individual or business.” – Audrea

“Not only does Paul offer professional advice that covers all of your fitness and well-being needs, he goes the extra step and helps to also excercise your mentality to ensure you reach your potential. He leads by example and is often the lead in many of the workouts that we do. In regards to sports massage therapy, Paul is second to none, and ensures effective injury rehabilitation as well as expert advice on preventative measures to avoids unnecesssry injuries. 10/10.” – Chris

“I started training with Paul approximately 4 and a half years ago.

Before that I was somewhat experienced in fitness, on and off with the gym and often doing home workouts such as P90X and Insanity; workouts which became very monotonous and caused me to plateau.

Paul’s Sunday Circuit training consisted of high intensity body work followed by pads and sparring (based on MMA, kyokushin, kickboxing and other disciplines).

Never in my life have I ever experienced such an incredible workout! My plateau had been broken and I was back on the best I could be, not only was I getting physical results but mentally my focus was getting better and I feel I am at my strongest point in life. I could not throw a decent kick or punch when I first started.

The Sunday team is very friendly and welcoming, and to this date I still attend without fail.

I highly recommend this for beginners and pros alike. You will not be disappointed – you just need to stay motivated and I guarantee your strength will double, if not triple and quadruple!” – Rameez

“A phenomenal athlete and consummate martial artist, Paul’s Wednesday and Sunday kickboxing classes are high-octane, addictive and relentlessly fun. A gifted teacher with tremendous technical virtuosity and an effortless ability to impart knowledge with passion and enthusiasm, he encourages you to reach unprecedented levels of fitness in a committed, safe and happy environment. His classes are inspirational, as well as uplifting and empowering, and take the mind, body and soul to higher heights.” – Lindsay

Paul’s classes will put you through your paces in every way! They have enhanced my strength and stamina dramatically, but also improved my mental endurance and general confidence. The latter has been something I have carried into many different areas of my life.

I challenge anyone to find an instructor as well-informed, dedicated and varied as Paul !

In short; if you are sick of mediocre exercise programmes and want to experience the all-encompassing advantages of fitness, contact Paul McKenzie!! -Abigail