Sports Massage

Sports Massage is the manipulation of soft tissue using a variety of specialist massage techniques designed to help alleviate a wide range of symptoms and conditions. It is a hands-on therapy requiring the use of oil to enable me to manipulate your muscles without causing unnecessary discomfort to you.

The techniques used are deeper than regular massage and you may be placed in several positions to ensure the best possible access to all parts of the muscles being treated. I also use specific stretches where there is evidence of muscle tightness and scar tissue resulting from strains and sprains.

Symptoms and conditions treated include;

  • aches and pain
  • muscle spasm
  • head aches
  • tension
  • trigger points
  • postural irregularities
  • tight & shortened muscles
  • strains
  • sprains
  • reduction of scar tissue
  • restricted range of motion
  • lymphatic drainage
  • balancing your autonomic nervous system



Terms & Conditions: Proof of current Herne Hill Harriers membership will be required.


You can book your Sports Massage with me at Streatham Osteopaths, 114 Moyser Rd, Streatham, London, SW16 6SH, though please call me first on 07768 660077 or use the Contact Me page.