SPARQ (Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness) drills are one of the most effective ways to make major improvements in your sport. They are designed to improve dynamic power and speed based movement patterns typical of most sports.

The ability to move rapidly and change directions without loss of momentum is crucial in gaining an edge over the competition – you want that, right? With my comprehensive and well designed SPARQ programs, your efforts will be rewarded with improved performance.

Equipment used includes agility ladders, agility poles, mini hurdles, medicine balls, reaction balls, cones, markers, mats, rings and video recording.

SPARQs are used at all levels of sporting endeavour, especially professional. If you fail to include them in your training schedule you place yourself at a distinct competitive disadvantage.

I have worked with Old Thorntonians F.C. for five seasons and they have certainly noticed the benefits. If you would like to book some sessions for your club (irrespective of the sport) please contact me.

An SPARQ session I ran with Old Thorntonians FC