Personal Training

The Personal Training I offer relates only to Sports Performance & Advanced Fitness, Injury Rehabilitation/Prevention and Corrective Exercises for Muscle Imbalances.

Sports Performance & Advanced Fitness
If you wish to improve your sports related fitness or are interested in taking your general fitness to a more advanced level, I will design a series of programmes that will guarantee you achieve this. You will undergo a complimentary fitness assessment and then we will discuss your specific goals and agree a strategy to ensure they are achieved. I will monitor your progress regularly and provide you with additional programmes to do by yourself that will be effective and motivational. The Sports Performance programmes will include SPARQ drills that are specific to your sport since they are the best way to turn the fitness components you have developed into usable, on the field of play attributes.

Injury Rehabilitation/Prevention
Following an injury, a thorough rehabilitation process must be undertaken before you can make a successful return to your sport. The aim will be to ensure the injury has healed properly and the resulting adversely affected fitness components have been balanced. These may include mobility, flexibility, strength, muscular endurance, power, coordination, agility, proprioception and aerobic fitness. You will be carefully monitored along the way and only on completion of a series of sports specific fitness tests will you be encouraged to resume Sport Specific Fitness Training.

Injury Prevention should be at the forefront of every athlete and coach’s mind. To help achieve this, I will take you through a selection of tests from my Injury Prevention Screen and we can then agree appropriate measures based on the results of the screen.

Corrective Exercises for Muscle Imbalances
We all have muscle imbalances; this is most evident in athletes since most sports require certain muscles to function at a far higher capacity than others and for one side of your body to be dominant. In order to determine where these imbalances exist, I will take you through a selection of tests from my Injury Prevention Screen. From there a plan of action can be put in place where our training will focus on encouraging greater balance. If you are involved in regular competitive sports, it will be important not to sacrifice sport specific training for Corrective Exercises unless there is evidence your imbalances are impacting on your performance.


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One of my clients going through her ladder push ups drills.



Light sparring with one of my clients after a 90 minutes circuit.