Injury Prevention Screening

The aim of the injury prevention screen is to establish injury potential as a result of extrinsic factors, muscle imbalances, asymmetries and faulty technique. It is not a screen for existing injuries since in the presence of injuries there is often an accompanying compensation and it may be difficult to determine which came first, the compensation or the injury as one often leads to the other. In the event of there being imbalances and asymmetries, suitable corrective strategies can then be implemented to address them and ultimately help achieve two key goals; injury prevention and improved performance. Pain brought on by these assessments requires referral to a suitable specialist.

My Injury Prevention Screen is very comprehensive and will provide you with a thorough breakdown of all the areas that are putting you at risk of becoming injured while engaged in your sport. It is an invaluable tool that, in most cases, will only need to be conducted once. You can easily reassess yourself as you work through the corrective exercises to ensure you are on track or I can reassess you after an agreed period for half the cost of the selected package. The Injury Prevention Screen comprises the following;

OH Squat Good

Good OH Squat Position

Comprehensive Screening Questionnairesample completed questionnaire
Static Posture Assessment
Transitional Movement Assessment
..Overhead Squat Assessment
..Single Leg Squat Assessment
..Push Assessment
..Pull Assessment
..Press Assessment
..Star Excursion Balance Test
..Upper Extremity (Shoulder) Assessment
Dynamic Movement Assessment
..Landing Error Scoring System
..Tuck Jump Assessment
..Actual measurements of individual joint range of motion
Sport Specific Movement Assessment
..Recorded visual assessment of you performing movements specific to your sport

I offer four packages, Silver, Gold, Platinum and The Younger Athlete.

 The Silver Package comprises the Comprehensive Screening Questionnaire, Static Posture Assessment, Transitional Movement Assessment and Dynamic Movement Assessment (duration: up to 60 minutes)…see sample of Static and Transitional report
 The Gold Package includes the contents of the Silver Package plus Goniometry, measuring the Range of Motion of up to six major pairs of joints of your body (duration: up to 90 minutes).
The Platinum Package includes the contents of the Gold Package plus a recorded visual assessment of your Sport Specific Movement Assessment (duration: up to 100 minutes).
 Young AthleteThe Younger Athlete (age 17 and below) comprises a different Comprehensive Screening Questionnaire, Static Posture Assessment, Transitional Movement Assessment (for the lower limbs) and Dynamic Movement Assessment i.e. running (duration: up to 25 minutes)

On completion of the physical screening procedure you will receive a detailed report outlining the potentially overactive and underactive muscles. The report will include photos of you with alignment indicators in place to help you get a better visual appreciation of your imbalances, and tables that outline what muscles need to be stretched/strengthened. I will also include slow motion videos of you performing the Dynamic Movement Assessment. These can be sent to you or posted online.

Following on from the Injury Prevention Screen you can set about making the necessary adjustments yourself through Corrective Exercises to reduce your risk of becoming injured owing to extrinsic factors or perhaps have some Personal Training Sessions to assist you with the various stages of the Corrective Exercises in a more efficient and effective manner. The cost of the Injury Prevention Screening packages reflects the time spent with the athlete and time spent preparing the comprehensive report.

For further information and to arrange you Injury Prevention Screen, please contact me and I will get back to you shortly.

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