Bleep Test

The Bleep Test is an assessment of your aerobic capacity or VO2max (the ability to take in, transport and utilise oxygen). It is popular and used in many sports disciplines as well as non sports ones e.g. the police force and the army. The test has 21 levels and requires you to run continuously between two markers set 20 metres apart. Each level has an increasing amount of shuttles (a shuttle being 20 metres) and each level lasts approximately 60 seconds, thus requiring you to run faster as you get through them. The pace at which you run is controlled therefore you must aim to complete each shuttle at the prescribed pace. If you fail to maintain the pace on three consecutive shuttles you will be pulled out of the test and your score measured at that point. The total distance covered to complete the test is 4900m and and the speed required to complete levels 20 and 21 (the fastest ones) is 19.2km/h. There are several variations on this test, with the Yo Yo Intermittent Recovery Test being the most popular with sports like football.

On completion of the test I will provide you with a results sheet showing the name, level, shuttle and total distances covered for each of your team members. It is best to test periodically e.g. start and end of preseason training.

To book a Bleep Test / Yo Yo Intermittent Recovery Test for your team, please contact me on 07768 660077. (Minimum number of participants required is 10).