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Various Kettlebell Exercises

Type 1.5 Diabetes

The Science of Squatting

The Function Of The Arms While Running

The Current Rules on Protein Consumption

Supercompensation For Different Activities

Strength Exercises Part 1

Static Stretches Part 1

Static & Dynamic Core Exercises

Running Injury Screening Report – Paul McKenzie

Running Injury Screening Report

Resistance Exercises Part 1

Paul’s Top 10 Exercises for Runners

Optimal Saddle Height for Injury Prevention

MSFT Record Sheet 2016

Metabolic Typing Questionnaire

Medical Questionnaire

Lung Function

Kettle Bell Exercises Handout 2

Injury Free Training


G. I. Tables Food Diary Food Composition Tables

Factors & Injuries Most Commonly Associated With Distance

England Sevens Fitness Session

England Sevens Fitness Session Record Sheet

Energy Cost of Running in kcal

Common Biomechanical Abnormalities

Client Consultation Form

Biomechanics and shoe type

Alphabetic G.I. Tables


25 Ways to Lose Weight

Sample SMFR (foam rolling) Techniques

Hormonal Response to Distance Running