At The Sports Injuries & Fitness Clinic I will treat your injuries, relieve you of your pain, improve your function and enhance your health and exercise/sporting performance. As an athlete the last thing you want to have to overcome is an injury so I also conduct detailed Injury Prevention Screens designed to highlight muscle imbalances and aspects of your training that may predispose you to injury. The Injury Prevention Screen can then be used to guide us through the best course of action to limit your injury risk. This may include Corrective Exercises, Sports Massage or even some Personal Training sessions.

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Sports Injuries


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Factors & Injuries Most Commonly Associated With Distance Running

Running in excess of 40 miles per weekInjured athlete
Erratic training schedules
Muscle imbalances
Over pronation – the jury’s out on this one!
Excessive in-competition rehydration
Doing things differently on race day
Always running in trainers
Pre-race static stretching
Overuse of running footwear
Ignoring the warning signs of sports injuries